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Hello!   My name is Roy Kasmir,and capturing wonderful memories is what I've devoted my life to. I'm a professional photographer, but more than that, I'm just like you.... I'm a family person.

I Don't Just Love To Create Photographs, It's A PASSION For Me To Create Beautiful Portraits!

In the years that I have been discovering what I can do with a camera, lights, backgrounds and models, I have noticed that I love creating portraits at locations that are special to my clients.. or the way I see it, my models.

Have you ever noticed when you talk to a lot of photographer that have their own studio, they will charge you a “sitting fee”? I take that as they have everything set up to make it easy and fast for them... props, lights, camera, and even a mark on the floor for you to put your feet on when you “sit”. How personal is a portrait like that going to be, when the client 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after you have sat in that same spot?

I Will Create You A Beautiful Portrait That You Will Love. I Guarantee It !

I absolutely guarantee you will be THRILLED (not just "satisfied") with your portraits or I will do whatever is necessary to see to it you are THRILLED, or I will give you all your money back.

No hassles and no hard feelings either. If you're not THRILLED, I don't deserve to be paid. That's just the honest way I feel about my photography. Give me a call now at 281-344-7729 and let's chat about creating your portrait!

How would you feel to have a portrait created at a place that you love to go to with your family or friends or that special someone? Maybe that special place would be park, the beach, a field covered with flowers or even a swing in the backyard. That is where I will setup my studio for you, that is where I love to create beautiful portraits that you will be THRILLED to hang in your living room over your sofa.

It's Not Hard To Create Beautiful Personal Portraits, But A Lot Of Photographers Just Don't Do It.

Most photographers try to cram 5 to 10 sessions into one day! That’s crazy! They have about enough time to set up a couple lights, snap a few images, then fly out the door on their way to the next session. That's not the way I like to do photography! I do FEWER SESSIONS, no more than 2 per day. This way you get my undivided attention, and I'm not going to be rushing off to do another session, leaving you with less-than-perfect portraits. Also by doing it this way it allows me more time to spend creating something really meaningful for you, rather than rushing you through like a factory, doing just the standard text book poses.

We've All Seen Photographs Where The Subjects Looked Fake Or Posed
– And Those Photographs Never Look Good.

Why have a portrait created that doesn't look natural? I like to work with my models, you in this case, to see how you pose yourself naturally and then make suggestions and changes until we get that perfect pose that you will be THRILLED with!

Yes I did used the word “model” above, I have photographed a lot of models. From models just getting started needing photographs for their portfolios to professional models that just wanted new work in their portfolios. I got my start working with models through the organization of

“Texas Photo Shoot Workshops”

I am one of the twelve mentors for this group. Working with TPSW allows me to try out new ideas and work with some really great models, makeup artist's (MUA's) and photographers to create great photographs. This way when I'm creating that beautiful photograph for you, I'm not just guessing at the little details, I've done it already.

So, What's The Next Step?

The next step is a very simple and painless one. Simply pick up the phone, and call me. There’s no cost, and no obligation to speak with me on the phone. I’ll answer any questions you may have. I can give you an indication of what you could plan on investing for your portraits. And most importantly, I can find out specifics from you about what’s most important to you about these photographs.

My Studio Number is 281-344-7729.

After We Chat, If You Do Decide To Book A Session With Me Then, I'll Give You 20% Off Of The Creation Of Your Portraits, But Only If You Book During That Chat.

All the best,

Roy Kasmir

Roy Kasmir
Photographic Artist

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P.S. To make it easier for you to have time to create this beautiful portrait

I Do Photography Sessions In The Evenings And On The Weekends!

I do this because I understand that a lot of people have “day” jobs or are in school during the weekdays. Now you won't have to worry about how to get time off to have your photographs created!

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What some of my clients are saying

family picture
"Roy Kasmir, I'm looking at the pics you took of my family and wondering - how in the heck did my kids get so big and so dang good looking? My gosh, they are gorgeous! Thank you so much for such wonderful memories....I'm in love with them!"
Erica Rico - Houston, Texas

photography studio needville texas
"Other than the photo taken of me with my then pet snake around my neck 25 years ago, this has got to be the coolest picture EVER taken of me. Thanks to Roy Kasmir Photography for an awesome shoot. That is not a green screen behind me. This was taken just outside of Needville, TX on a private ranch."
Kevin Kline - Houston, Texas

pictures with my car
"Shooting with Roy is so laid back and fun and I always love the photo's "
Sadie Brook - Houston, Texas

professional photographers needville texas
"Roy has a true gift! Everytime we do a shoot, I have so much fun! I love his laid back style! "
Jenny Law - Houston, Texas

grunge photography pictures needville texas
"Although it took quite awhile to get a good date for a session with Roy because of weather, when we finally got to the session location everything went AMAZING!! From making sure every shot was safe to making sure that I was completely comfortable, Roy did it all. I had a great time and would do it again without a doubt!"
MacKenie Krpec - Garwood, Texas

wild flowers portrait photographer
"Roy's photoshoots really are more fun than they should be. He tells jokes and ghost stories to get you to laugh, which coincidentally makes the pictures look just absolutely perfect. He's really creative and open to any ideas you have. I am always glad to come to any of his photoshoots at any time. It's always a blast with some really good humor and you end up with some wonderful photos and a great memory of the day."
Casey Hall - Needville, Texas

Model Photographer in Needville Texas
"Roy is an absolute delight to work with! Not only is he an amazing photographer but he makes it easy to love your pictures! He is a consummate professional but makes the shoot fun and easy! And checks for spiders. :) "
Suzanne Baldwin - The Woodland, Texas

sexy profile pic
"Roy Kasmir is a unique photographer. He lets clients freely express their personality during the photoshoot. My experience has always been pleasant. I'm always happy with the outcome of my photos."
Brittney Coker - Needville, Texas

family pics near Rosenberg Texas
"Roy got several excellent images of me, and honestly, I'm hard-pressed to decide on a favorite. My husband and I both said "Wow, now that's my favorite!" with every new picture we looked at. Roy managed in just a few minutes of photographing me to get several amazing pictures that are all unique and captured different looks and feelings. I couldn't be happier with all of them. Thanks, Roy!"
Cindy Abbott - The Woodlands, Texas